We are working with patients, advocates, and researchers to create a video gallery of resources for those who want to know the latest information in the kidney cancer community. Our goal is to provide a credible and user-friendly source for you to see what’s happening “behind the scenes.”

We are forward-thinking. We are proactively engaged in locating the most promising ideas in kidney cancer research and securing funding to make those ideas a reality. 

The videos below will show you what goes on at our various events, including the Kidney Cancer Research Summit and the Washington D.C. Advocacy Days, where KidneyCAN leadership met with elected representatives to make the case for funding research. 

We are grateful to the partners who have provided the grant funding that makes this video gallery possible for the kidney cancer community. 

KCRS 2019

The 2019 Kidney Cancer Research Summit took place on September 12-13, 2019. Led by Dr. Toni Choueiri (Dana Farber Cancer Institute) and Dr. Hans Hammers (University of Texas Southwest Medical Center), this event brought together some of the most promising ideas for treatment. 


KCRS 2019 is over, but you can rewatch the presentations and panel discussions here, complete with the accompanying slideshows.


KidneyCAN is classified as a Patient Advocacy Organization. We advocate on behalf of patients and the kidney cancer community to fight for research funding. On October 21-22, 2019, the leaders of KidneyCAN were on the ground in Washington, D.C., meeting with representatives to make the case. 

In 2015, zero dollars were allocated to fund kidney cancer research. Through the combined efforts of KidneyCAN and other groups, $10 million was allocated in 2017, and we are hoping for closer to $30 million on 2019. Our voices make a difference!


KidneyCAN provides a number of resources to patients navigating the kidney cancer journey. We have hosted Facebook Live events for patients to ask questions and learn where they can go for help. We also share patient stories to give information and hope to fellow patients and their families. 


KidneyCAN raises funds for kidney cancer research through a number of special events. Check out our recent Rock the Cure galas in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and Dallas, Texas, and more. Our events have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars toward resources for patients and funds for research. 

“Kidney cancer is the ideal sandbox for these new approaches, and without a doubt the same approach can, should and will be suitable for other cancers.”

Dr. Hans Hammers

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