Bryan Lewis, Ralph & Brenda Knapp, founders of KidneyCan had the pleasure of sitting down with NCI leader in Kidney Cancer, Dr. Rampasad (‘Ram’) Srinivasan.

It was exciting to hear about the progress being made in kidney cancer research at the NCI.  Dr. Srinivasan is an Investigator and Head of the Molecular Cancer Section, Urologic Oncology Branch, National Cancer Institute.

Ralph Knapp is currently participating in a Phase 1 clinical trial at NIH.  He is patient #3.  See details of the trial  here.

Brenda Knapp, Co-founder of KidneyCan and Dr. Srinivasan

Dr. Srinivasan is a leader in the field of research of non-clear cell Kidney Cancer. He is also a member of the Programmatic Committee for the KCRP (Kidney Cancer Research Program) and is actively involved with the development of numerous clinical trials. He also manages a laboratory at the NCI along with his clinical responsibilities.  Dr. Srinivasan also serves on the KidneyCan Scientific Advisory Board.