My husband Ralph is in his 4th day of a First In Human clinical trial at NIH.  He is patient #3.  My last update was Day zero:  T-Cell Infusion Day.

So far, so good.  Everyone is pleasantly surprised how well he is tolerating the IL2.

Today during morning rounds Ralph had another room full of doctors. Thursdays are what they call “Grand Rounds” meaning EVERYONE makes rounds together on patients including doctors, nurses, unit administration, pharmacist, social worker, etc. The main doctor on the trial usually does not round daily, the attending physician rounds and then reports back. We’re told that everyone on the team is in the loop at all times.  There is constant communication among all the members.

Dr. Childs is the main doctor and principal investigator of this trial.  He is  very pleased with Ralph’s progress on the trial.  His labs are good and he’s tolerating the IL2 infusions better than expected. He received his 7th IL2 infusion today at noon, only 7 more to go.  IL2 is called the food for the T-cells.

Later in the afternoon, his nurse noticed that one arm looked swollen.  They took an ultrasound and determined that he has a clot in each arm.  He will now go on Heperin, an anti-coagulant.  Dr. Childs reassured Ralph this is not a big deal and will not interfere with the trial protocol.

Thus far from our experience at NIH, Ralph has received excellent care.  Although at times I think he feels like he’s under a microscope.  But let’s not forget why he is here, to hopefully find a cure and to advance science for all mankind.  After all, NIH could also stand for National Institutes of HOPE.