“What strikes me about these individuals and many others I have met in the community is the personal will to ‘do something.’ The disease eliminates so much of our sense of agency that we thirst for the ability to make any kind of difference, and we are beginning to realize that we may be stronger together.”

The moniker “patient advocate” can come in many shapes, sizes and flavors. In the article below, you will hear about a few approaches we’re taking in the kidney cancer community.

These are not the only ways to contribute. Countless others are using their time care-taking, going to D.C. to advocate for funding, sharing advice and personal experiences with others, building data sets, reading publications, raising awareness, educating the public — the list goes on and on.

Furthermore, other advocacy organizations, such as the KCA, the Judy Nicholson Foundation, KCCure, ACKC, VHL Alliance, RMC, Powerful Patients, Kure It, Climb 4 Kidney Cancer, and the IKCC are all contributing to the overall efforts to enhance the community and “move the needle” toward a cure.

Thank you for all doing something. Together, we will succeed.

Bryan Lewis

President, KidneyCAN