Checkmate 9ER: A New Arrow in Our Quiver

The results of Phase 3 Checkmate 9ER trial are in! The 9ER trial evaluated the combination of Nivolumab (“Nivo”) and Cabozantinib (“Cabo”). This trial compared the combo to Sunitinib (“Sutent”) in patients who had not previously been on a drug and who had disease that had spread or metastasized.

Nivo is an immunotherapy agent that helps your immune system recognize and mobilize your T-cells to attack the cancer cells. Cabo is a TKI (tyrosine kinase inhibition) drug. The combo improved progression free survival (PFS), meaning the cancer did not progress as quickly compared to the other drug. It also improved OS (overall survival) in patients previously untreated. There were 651 patients in the trial. Nivo and Cabo are each approved by the FDA. This new combo is not yet approved, but will likely be approved in the near future. Other good news is that patient’s toxicity to the drug combo and their quality of life was improved. As soon as this combination is approved, it will give patients another option in their arsenal to battle mRCC.

Read the 2020 ESMO News Release here.