Sharing your diagnosis with others

How to tell others about your cancer diagnosis is a personal choice. There’s no one right time or way to share your information. Each person you share your diagnosis with will have their own reaction. It is your right to share information or keep it private. Here are some resources to help you clarify your own feelings and thoughts as you start these conversations.

This informative video and accompanying webpage from gives useful and informative information to prepare you for sharing your diagnosis.

Be well prepared, plan how to share your news

How do you share your news – where do you start? Click to view the link from cancer.orgTelling Others About Your Cancer“, this information is a good starting point to help you. You can also download the accompanying pdf and print off.

telling others about your cancer

Sharing your Diagnosis

Communicating with Family

Communicating your Diagnosis with Children

Support Groups & Forums

Tips for the Caregiver

Connect with Our Communities

There are multiple support groups serving the kidney cancer community. is a patient forum and a KidneyCAN partner. We recommend this as a private, moderated  place to talk with other patients.  Your cancer center may also have their own support groups.

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