Be an Advocate

You don’t need  special title or role to speak up for the kidney cancer community. In fact, when it comes to advocacy, the heavy lifting is done with small, consistent efforts by people just like you.

Whether you’re a patient, caregiver, family or friend, or a researcher or doctor — we need you. If you want to increase research funding and accelerate cures for kidney cancer, you belong here.

A Place for Everyone

Advocating for kidney cancer research funding doesn’t have to take up a lot of your time. There are simple steps you can take to keep in touch with our community and pitch in with what you can, when you can. Check out the options below!


Spread awareness and stay in the loop with advocacy events by joining our online communities. We’re on social media and on Smart Patients, and we’d love for you to join us! When you share our posts, add your comments, join our online events, and watch our videos, you are amplifying our efforts and increasing our reach. It’s a simple way to make a difference!


No experience necessary! Advocacy Days are generally two-day events, where you meet with your Congressional reps in person or via Zoom. We train you, so you know what to say to convince Congress to fund kidney cancer research. Virtual advocacy days especially do not take up a lot of time and make an enormous impact on research funding. Your story matters!


A simple but personal letter can be a powerful tool to encourage your representatives to fund kidney cancer research. We work each year to ask for increased funding for the National Institutes of Health and the CDMRP’s Kidney Cancer Research Program. If you can’t join us for Advocacy Day events, consider adding your voice with a letter or email.

From 2018-2023 we have had 980 advocates attend 1,316 congressional meetings.

Join us in helping to accelerate cures for kidney cancer. Your voice counts!


1,316 congressional meetings

Join Our Grassroots Army

You might not realize how important it is for the kidney cancer community to advocate in order to make progress toward cures.

What are we advocating for?

Awareness? Funding? Research? Cures?

The answer is — we are advocating for all of those things. We know that awareness of kidney cancer and its impact on many lives leads to a sense of urgency, a desire for solutions. Awareness leads to advocacy, and advocacy — joining to speak as one voice — leads to funding and research. That’s how we get to cures.

Dear Colleagues,
Our Friends/Collaborators at @VJOncology got you covered after #ASCO24 🇺🇸with GU highlights from their experts on all the great science out of Chicago‼️

Tune... in for GU Cancer Highlights w/ @tompowles1 🇬🇧 and @montypal 🇺🇸
20th of June, 5pm CEST…

KIM-1 is a novel prognostic and predictive biomarker in the adjuvant RCC space. Great data at #ASCO24 and stellar discussion by @VincentWenxinXu (Academy of Kidney Cancer Investigators member!). We ...discuss the KIM-1 data with @AlbigesL

One doesn't need a scheduled symposium to foster VHL research collaboration.

Thank you to Dr. Marston Linehan, Dr. Ram Srinivasan (NIH), Dr. Amit Tirosh and Dr. Sharon Shively for your... work & dedication to VHL Research. 🔬


Get ready to tune in to this year's World Kidney Cancer day!

Join us in raising awareness to make sure that everyone's kidney cancer needs are being listened to 🙌

...#WorldKidneyCancerDay24 #KidneyCancer

#KidneyCancer patients often wonder what to eat during treatment.

Watch as @HHammersMD of @utswcancer and @M_Abramson of @ISMMSKidney give valuable guidance on nutrition to support kidney and overall well-being during cancer treatment.

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Best Diet Practices for Kidney Cancer Patients | Dr. Hans Hammers &...

What should kidney cancer patients eat? Experts Dr. Hans Hammers and Dr. Matthew Abramson provide their professional dietary advice in this ...

What's for dinner?

Or for that matter, what's for breakfast and lunch? The question of what #KidneyCancer patients should eat can feel tricky when you're undergoing ...treatment.

Oncologist Dr. Hans Hammers and onco-nephrologist Dr. Matthew Abramson share professional dietary advice in this insightful segment from our "Optimizing Your Kidney Health" Town Hall. Whether you're a patient or caregiver, tune in for valuable guidance on nutrition to support kidney health and overall well-being during cancer treatment.

For more resources, check out the KidneyCAN Patient Resource Center at Remember, you're not alone—we are here to support you!

#KidneyCAN #KidneyCancer #Nutrition #PatientSupport #CancerTreatment

#KIM1 seems to be quite a promising #kidneycancer biomarker from screening, recurrence, and selecting therapy. Our team @harvardmed @BrighamWomens @DanaFarber has been working on this as part of ...@df_hcc for decades (Dr. Bonventre) + past 5 years in RCC with @VincentWenxinXu…

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