Facing a Diagnosis

It’s scary and confusing to be diagnosed with cancer. Members of the KidneyCAN community share their advice for those who have been newly diagnosed. 

More than anything, we want you to know that you’re not alone and we are working on your behalf. Check out the resources below, and considering joining us in our Smart Patients community as well. 

Educational Video Gallery

We have created a video gallery of presentations for those who want to know the latest medical information available to patients in the kidney cancer community. Our goal is to provide a credible and user-friendly source for you to learn about treatment options and managing your care.

We are grateful to our partners at Novartis who have provided the grant funding that makes this video gallery possible for the kidney cancer community.

Please note: The following information is shared with you by patient advocates for the benefit of kidney cancer patients and their caregivers. The information contained herein is based upon public data and the opinions of the speakers and is not intended to be exhaustive, or act as medical advice. Additionally, the medical landscape changes rapidly and what you see here may not be completely current or relevant to your particular diagnosis or treatment. Patients should speak to their doctor about their own care and treatment.

My Surgery for Kidney Cancer

Thomas J Guzzo, MD, MPH | Penn Medicine | Abramson Cancer Center

Innovative Approaches for Locally Advanced Kidney Cancer

Robert G Uzzo, MD, FACS | Temple Health | Fox Chase Cancer Center

Why Perioperative Therapy Could Cure Kidney Cancer

Naomi B. Haas, MD | Penn Medicine | Abramson Cancer Center

What Do My Genes Tell Me About Kidney Cancer?

 Ramaprasad Srinivasan, MD, PhD | Center for Cancer Research, National Cancer Institute

Why (or Why Not) Combination Therapy May Be Best for My Kidney Cancer

 Elizabeth Plimack, MD, MS | Temple Health | Fox Chase Cancer Center

What’s New for My Cancer Beyond the First Line of Treatment?

Camillo Porta, MD | University of Pavia, Italy

Treatment Of Non-Clear Cell Cancer? Unique and Deserving of Its Own Focus 

Vivek K Narayan, MD, MS | Penn Medicine | Abramson Cancer Center

Nutrition and Kidney Cancer

Roberto Pili, MD | Indiana University School of Medicine

Patient Perspective on Clinical Trials: Why Not?

Deborah Maskens, MA, MSA | International Kidney Cancer Coalition (IKCC)

How Do I Make the Most of My Treatment? Managing the Side Effects of Kidney Cancer and Its Treatment

Emily Feld, MD | Penn Medicine | Abramson Cancer Center

Management of Bone Metastases and Kidney Cancer

Robert J. Wilson, II, MD | Penn Medicine | Abramson Cancer Center

The Role of Metastatectomy and Additional Kidney Cancer Therapy

 Leonard J Appleman, MD, PhD | University of Pittsburgh Medical Center | Hillman Cancer Center

Additional Video Resources

KidneyCAN provides a number of additional resources to patients navigating the kidney cancer journey. We have hosted Facebook Live events for patients to ask questions and learn where they can go for help. We also share patient stories to give information and hope to fellow patients and their families. 

On Clinical Trials

It can be hard to feel confident with the idea of a clinical trial. It’d be nice if cancer treatment had fewer unknowns and more certainty. However, clinical trials are an important part of cancer treatment and have saved lives.

Here, members of our community share their experiences with clinical trials, from both the doctor and the patients’ perspectives. 

“Kidney cancer is the ideal sandbox for these new approaches, and without a doubt the same approach can, should and will be suitable for other cancers.”

Dr. Hans Hammers