What do these men have in common?  Their common bond is a potentially life saving kidney cancer clinical trial called the RADVAX trial.  Learn more about this first ever patient funded kidney cancer trial here.

Last fall my husband and I attended the UT Southwestern Dallas Kidney Cancer Program.  This is an annual patient event where multi-disciplinary doctors and patients are gathered to discuss the latest in kidney cancer.  After the event, three kidney cancer patients came up to my husband Ralph and wanted to meet him, thank him and shake his hand.  They were all so grateful.  All are or have been in the RADVAX clinical trial at UT Southwestern.  All with different stories but one common theme – diagnosed with stage IV Kidney Cancer, still alive and thankful.

We are making a difference! Read our story and how we funded the RADVAX clinical trial here.     

Be sure to check out the amazing and heart warming story of Larry Carlson, the first successful RADVAX patient – watch the  video of Larry’s story here.